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Keys to Success

"Keys to Success"

Set Measurable Goals

Set specific targets of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve results. For example, instead of saying you want to be “comfortable” when you retire or that you want your children to attend “good schools, you need to quantify what “comfortable” and “good” mean so that you will know when you’ve reached your goals.

Understand the Effect Your Financial Decisions Have On Other Financial Issues

Each financial decision you make can affect several other areas of your life. For example, an investment decision may have tax consequences that are harmful to your estate plans. Or a decision about funding your grandchildren’s’ education may have significant impact on your retirement goals. Remember that all of your financial decisions are interrelated

Re-evaluate Your Financial Plan Periodically

Financial planning is a dynamic process. Your financial goals may change over the years due to changes in your lifestyle or circumstances, such as an inheritance, health issues, marriage of children, births, or changes of job status. Revisit and revise your financial plan as time goes by to reflect these changes so that you stay on tack with your long-term goals.

Start Now

Don’t delay your financial planning. People, who save or invest small amounts of money early, tend to do better than those who wait until later in life. Similarly, by developing good financial planning habits such as budgeting, tax planning, reviewing insurance coverages, and regularly reviewing your finances, you will be better prepared to meet life changes and handle emergencies a any stage of life.

Be Realistic

Financial planning is a common sense approach to managing your finances to reach your life goals. Although it cannot change your situation overnight, financial planning can give you the power to face life head on with the confidence that you can achieve your goals. Remember that events beyond your control such as inflation or changes in the stock market or interest rates will affect your financial planning results.

Take an Active Roll

If you are working with a planner, make sure that you understand the financial planning process and provide the planner with the relevant information on your financial situation. Ask questions, about the recommendations offered to your and play an active roll in decision making.

Peter Regan is a Certified Financial Planner
Pete Regan is a Registered Financial Advisor
Peter Regan is a member of the Financial Planning Association
Peter Regan is a Paladin Registry Five Star Advisor
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