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Comprehensive Financial Plans
(Offered to Investment Management Clients)

Comprehensive financial plans include an analysis of your assets and liabilities, income and expenses, insurance and estate plans considered with respect to your goals and risk tolerance. The fees are based on the level of complexity of your personal situation.


Complexity Level - Low

Typical Situations that affect complexity:

This level of analysis may include a review of short term assets and liabilities, employee benefits package review,investment asset allocation, debt pay down, and insurance needs analysis.

This plan is typically performed for clients with straight forward financial situations such as single individuals or married couples with  few financial assets or obligations.


Complexity Level - Medium

Typical Situations that affect complexity:

In addition to the  above this level of analysis may include  cash flow projections, income tax planning, major purchase decisions, planning for social security, decisions regarding pension distributions, retirement timing, multiple retirement accounts, advice on multiple areas of insurance including life, disabiltiy, long term care and property / liability, and review of estate plan design and existing documents. 

Plans of this complexity generally are performed for clients making retirement decisions with corporate benefits and moderate number of invstment and liability accounts.  


Complexity Level - High

Typical Situations that affect complexity:

In addition to the above, this level of analysis may include reviews of stock options or restricted stock, deferred compensation, retirement plans for small businesses, health care planning, annuities, job changes. 

Plans of this complexity are prepared for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a complex array of assets or liabilities.


There is no cost for our initial consultation. After our meeting we will review your information in detail and provide a firm quote on the cost of our services. The information presented below was developed to give you a feel for the approximate cost of our services.

Our services include financial plans that are limited in scope ( e.g. , debt analysis, investment risk analysis, financial checkup, retirement plans)or those that address your overall financial position (a comprehensive plan). The total costs depends on the complexity of your situation and the services you are seeking.

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What We Are:

We are competent, trained professionals.

We put our client's interest first. Our clients interest are paramount. More important than our own interest and certainly more important than the interest of any financial institution or other corporate entity.

We design a comprehensive approach that takes into account all of a client's financial considerations from investing to estate planning.

What We Are Not:

We are not tipsters

We are not insurance agents or stockbrokers

We are not untrained people who hang out a financial planning 'shingle'

We are not merely investment or tax advisors

Peter Regan is a Certified Financial Planner
Pete Regan is a Registered Financial Advisor
Peter Regan is a Paladin Registry Five Star Advisor
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